May those who provide and those who receive this ministry Encounter Jesus!


First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council, The United Church of Canada, through its Board of Trusts, administers the Encountering Jesus/Ministry Initiatives Fund.

This fund provides seed money for New Initiatives, Outreach Projects and Already-Established Ministries that may need extra help from time to time. It is not intended to fund annual operational costs. Monies through this fund come from 10% of sale of properties, as well as donations and bequests. First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council are grateful for the gifts of ministry that these funds enable.


Applications from Communities of Faith, Congregations and Outreach Ministries will need to be received by First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council Board of Trusts by February 1 and October 1 to be considered.

Amounts to be Granted (Terms to be evaluated by the Board of Trusts on a need basis)

New Initiatives: Up to $5,000 per year for a three-year period

Already-Established Ministries: Up to $5,000 once within a five-year period

How to Apply

Please ensure the following points are included in your submission:

  1. Concise and detailed description of your project/ministry including goals, objectives and who will benefit from the project/ministry.
  2. Details of the motions from your Pastoral Charge/Congregation/Governing Body supporting your project/ministry.
  3. If this is a community partnership, please include letters from the other partners involved so the Board of Trusts Team is aware of the community support as well.
  4. If your project/ministry needs approval from the Region, please include the motion showing approval.
  5. List of names of who will be volunteering with this project/ministry and details of how the screening process will be done (duty of care).
  6. Detailed budget of your project/ministry.
  7. All other sources of funding that are to be used for the project/ministry.
  8. Details of future funding of the project/ministry and how you will evaluate the project/ministry.


There is no restriction placed on the project/ministry other than asking that it fit with the ethos of The United Church of Canada. No project/ministry is too small if you feel that it will help people to have life and have it abundantly.


An evaluation should be submitted to the Board of Trusts Team with a brief overview and a final report. If, for some reason the initiative does not take place, funds will need to be returned to the Region.

Apply for the Encountering Jesus/Ministry Initiatives Fund HERE