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To view upcoming programs at the Tatamagouche Centre please click here.
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Condolences – Rev. Austin Jagoe

Condolences are extended to the family of Rev. Austin Jagoe who passed away on December 27, 2022. The obituary can be viewed here.


Our condolences are extended to Rev. Mavis Peddie Peters (RC15) and her family on the sudden passing of her son. We have no further information at this time, the obituary will be shared when it becomes available.

Invitation to Online Clergy Gatherings

Please click here to find a secret invitation from Kendall Harrison, the Regional Minister, to ALL ministry personnel of the region.

Where to Start in Becoming Affirming, Tuesday, Jan 17, 2 pm Zoom webinar

Might you or your Community of Faith be pondering how to become an Affirming Ministry? Might you be looking for a place to start?

In this webinar Kim Curlett, Coordinator of Affirming Ministries in Atlantic Canada and Quebec (English) along with members of the FSLDW Affirm Ministry Committee will share a few steps in getting started.
For registration please click on link.

United Fresh Start Free Training, January 24, 25, 26

We are excited to announce that training in the United Fresh Start Program is coming to the Regional Office in Sackville. We have 12 spaces available for free training in this exciting program that is designed to support the mutual ministry of clergy and lay leaders.

We are looking for people who want to learn about the program, practice your facilitation skills and then share that knowledge with others. To express interest please email

If you have questions about the training after reviewing the information, contact the Regional Minister.


We are looking to borrow a 2-3 octave set of hand bells for our church. If you have hand bells that you are not using, and are willing to lend them, we would be delighted to be able to ring them. We have been ringing hand bells for 2 1/2 years but recently returned the set we had borrowed. Please contact Hillsborough United at

The Manual, 2023

The Manual, 2023, can now be found under the Resources tab on the Regional website.

Camp Wegesegum – 100th Year Anniversary

Camp Wegesegum – Chipman, New Brunswick

100th Year Anniversary – July 15, 2023

We will be hosting a party to honor 100 years of camping at Camp Wegesegum. There will be music, food, children’s activities and everything that makes camp good. More details to come.

Guaranteed Livable Income Update

By the time you read this email, Canada’s richest CEOs have already made more money in 2023 than the average worker’s salary for the entire year.

Grocery store chains and oil and gas companies are all seeing record profits — but these profits are only lining the pockets of top executives. Meanwhile, food bank use has skyrocketed, and inflation and price gouging are hurting most of us at the grocery store, the gas pump, and just about everywhere else.

2023 is projected to be a hard year economically, and those running Canadian corporations are only looking out for their own best interests.  As the cost of living rises, we need our government to step up and protect everyday people from the worst impacts of inflation and economic downturn.

A guaranteed, livable basic income would ensure that everyone can meet their most basic needs, like putting food on the table and keeping a roof over their heads. If everyone reading this email sends a message to their MPs demanding a guaranteed livable income, it could make our leaders reassess their priorities for the year and put basic income on the legislative agenda — or risk losing the support of their constituents.

Will you send a message to your MP asking them to prioritize basic income as we enter 2023?

Send a message

We know basic income works. A basic income trial in Manitoba had positive physical and mental health benefits — and it even improved high school graduation rates. A more recent Ontario pilot helped people buy food, pay their bills, and participate in job training. And research shows that basic income could lift millions of people out of poverty, while boosting the economy by $80 billion a year.

The status quo is not working. The wage gap between CEOs and workers is bigger than it’s ever been, with the top 100 richest CEOs making 243 times more than average workers.  And it’s not just hurting individuals — poverty costs the government an estimated $72-86 billion every year in health care, incarceration, and social service costs.  We desperately need a new federal program to address the root causes, rather than the symptoms, of systemic poverty.

A guaranteed, livable income would lift us all up. Coupled with a strong social security net, basic income would help close the gaps by radically simplifying access to income support. If you believe that everyone should be able to meet their basic needs and live a dignified life, will you send a message to your MP in support of basic income?

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A New Year with Prayer Bench Resources

Quick Glance:
The Prayer Bench offers two subscription packages until the end of January. A personal subscription ($49). Learn more.
A group subscription ($99). Learn more.

Read on for more information:

A January mini retreat coming soon
Lent Pause & Practice ( Six practices for Lent.)
EASTER Email Retreat
Stroll for Your Soul
Autumn Rambles
Advent Email Retreat

A January mini retreat coming soon to share with community of faith.
Lent Pause & Practice (for group study or Lenten lunches)
EASTER Email Retreat
Group Stroll for Your Soul (unlimited sign up)
Group Autumn Rambles (unlimited sign up)
Advent Email Retreat
Advent Small Group Study – Musicians of Holy Mystery. Already at work on this with Dr. Janet Hammock.
Register six (or more) group participants to receive all resources directly.

Visit here for even more information.

Grant Opportunity – Relief Fund for Thriving Congregations

The United Church of Canada Foundation has sent us the below information for a grant opportunity that your community of faith may benefit from:

“Last year an anonymous couple, who have deep love for the church and who have been members of various congregations across the country, created the Relief Fund for Thriving Congregations.

This granting fund will provide the opportunity for congregations that have plans to continue to be of service to their communities and that have vibrant programs and outreach to receive a grant to help alleviate the pressure of debt.

We understand that some congregations in your region have been carrying significant debt and believe that this grant opportunity may be of help to you. We will be accepting applications for this grant from 15 January – 15 April 2023. The application, and additional details, is available on our website (click here).”

Please contact Jenna Yango Leonard, Foundation Coordinator at or 1-866-340-8223 with any questions you may have and please feel free to share details of this grant with other congregations you think may benefit.