The Coughlan College Trust Fund Scholarship is administered by the First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council Board of Trusts Team.

Trust Objectives

To further and support the education and nurturing of members of The United Church of Canada in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Guidelines for Program Funding from the Coughlan College Trust Fund:

  1. Programs must be United Church sponsored or endorsed.
  2. Requests for program funding may be initiated by an individual, a congregation/pastoral charge, a recognized United Church group or committee, a Division or a Region.
  3. The types of programs eligible for funding are those that develop:
    1. theological understanding
    2. leadership skills/ability
    3. personal faith/spirituality
    4. sense of ministry and/or mission
  4. Programs receiving funding may address the needs of ministry personnel and laity.
  5. It is understood that funding through the Coughlan College Trust Fund will provide “seed money” or supplement the budget for a program/workshop/event and will not normally cover the total cost of an event. Please note this fund does not include support for degree programs.
  6. Requests for funding are to be made in advance of the planned program or event by providing the information requested on the application form and an approved budget.
  7. It is required that unused portions of the grant be returned.

APPLY HERE for the Coughlan College Trust Fund for Program Funding