Please complete and submit this form AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after your annual meeting.

  • *For each Point on your Charge, please complete a separate form.

  • A copy of the submitted form will be emailed to you.
  • Board of Management Chair

  • Local Treasurer

  • Board of Trustees Chair

  • Cemetery Committee Contact

  • Christian Development

    If you have someone in your congregation who is working with youth and/or children, please let us know as our Minister for Children, Youth and Young Adult and the Faith Formation Team would want this information to help build connections for youth and children. If you do not have children or youth, please give us the name of your Christian Development Committee or someone to connect with regarding bible study, faith formation, etc.
  • Youth and Young Adult Leader

  • Sunday School (Children's Programs) Leader

  • Local UCW or Women's Group President

  • Local Men's Ministry Group Representative

  • Local Stewardship Point Person

    Mission and Service Enthusiast/Stewardship Point Person may be the same person. The role is to be a liaison between the Stewardship team and the Pastoral Charge for matters and education regarding Stewardship and Mission and Service.
  • Local Mission & Service Enthusiast

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