To seek justice and resist evil …

Pray that we might be an instrument of God’s peace in the places where we are present today.

Pray for the life and work of these Pastoral Charges:

Sackville, Chignecto Presbytery
Saint John: Glen View United Church, Saint John Presbytery
Woodstock, Woolastook Presbytery
Yarmouth: Beacon, South Shore Presbytery
Westville, Pictou Presbytery
Bedford, Halifax Presbytery
Blackville, Miramichi Presbytery
Marysville-Penniac, Woolastook Presbytery
Sydney: First, Sydney Presbytery

May we, with them, be alive with courage and prophetic truth.

Let us pray for the Gospel, Ecumenism and Theology Committee in their work of nurturing respect for others and seeking common ground in mission and service.

Let us pray for Tatamagouche Centre and their ministry of education, retreat, and hospitality.

For Prayerful Reflection: What do you hear Jesus saying to you when you pray the words, “ And a voice of wailing lamentation was heard…”