To celebrate God’s presence…

Drawn by the Spirit, let us pray that we may find healing places in our day where we can be still, and discover afresh the wonder and immensity of God’s love.

Pray for the life and work of these Pastoral Charges:

Brookfield, Truro Presbytery
Canterbury/Richmond, Woolastook Presbytery
Elmsdale, Halifax Presbytery
Hampton, Saint John Presbytery
Windsor, Valley Presbytery
Upsalquitch, Miramichi Presbytery
St. Mary’s, Pictou Presbytery
Summerside, Prince Edward Island Presbytery
Halifax: St. Andrew’s, Halifax Presbytery

May we, with them, bear faithful witness to God’s extravagant love and faithfulness offered for all.

Pray for the Ministry Personnel and Education Committee, as they continue to offer support for those in discernment and training for ministry and on-going support for ministry personnel and congregations.  May God bless the work carried out by them.

Pray for the United Church Observer as they continue their ministry of exploring issues of faithful living.

For Prayerful Reflection: What do you hear the Bible saying to you when you pray the words, “Nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”