To live with respect in creation …

We pause in the midst of this day to be in a conscious communion with you, our God, so that we may use wisely the gift of this day.

Pray for the life and work of these Pastoral Charges:

St. Stephen: Kirk/McColl, St. Croix Presbytery
Walton, Valley Presbytery
St. George’s, Bermuda Synod
Truro: First, Truro Presbytery
Pugwash, Chignecto Presbytery
Red Bank, Miramichi Presbytery
Lawrencetown/Lake Echo, Halifax Presbytery
Margate, Prince Edward Island Presbytery
Moncton: Visions United, Chignecto Presbytery

May we, with them, work to establish on earth the realm of God where resources are used for the benefit of all.

Pray for the Staff Committee, that they may be faithful and discerning in their role of supporting the Conference Staff.

Pray for United Church Camps, that campers of all ages will share and celebrate God’s presence in the world.

For Prayerful Reflection: What do you hear Jesus saying to you when you pray the words, “God sees the little sparrow fall.”