To seek justice and resist evil …

Pray that we may see with the eyes of our soul, all that is good and true and beautiful and loving.  Guide our every action today.

Pray for the life and work of these Pastoral Charges:

Minto, Woolastook Presbytery
Wolfville, Valley Presbytery
York/Covehead, Prince Edward Island Presbytery
Sydney: St. Andrew’s, Sydney Presbytery
Tabusintac, Miramichi Presbytery
Truro: Bible Hill, Truro Presbytery
Charlottetown: Spring Park, Prince Edward Island Presbytery
Chatham, Miramichi Presbytery
St. Andrew’s, St. Croix Presbytery

May we, with them, minister with hearts of compassion and acts of liberating love, and so, bring nearer the day when all people will live in peace.

Let us pray for the Electronic Newsletter Editor and Writers, as they continue to inspire thinkers and writers, artists and authors, so they may seek your beauty and inspire the human spirit.

Let us pray for United Church Chaplains serving in hospitals, the military, and in universities that they may faithfully accompany those they serve with integrity, compassion and wisdom.

For Prayerful Reflection: What do you hear Jesus saying to you when you pray the words, “Mercy, peace and love in fullest measure to you whom God has called.”