To seek justice and resist evil …

Let us pray for enough love that we may forgive those who hurt us and embrace those who are different from us.

Pray for the life and work of these Pastoral Charges:

Stewiacke, Truro Presbytery
Alberton/Elmsdale, Prince Edward Island Presbytery
Bayfield/Little Shemogue, Chignecto Presbytery
Port Hastings, Inverness/Guysborough Presbytery
Saint John: Carleton-Kirk, Saint John Presbytery
Sambro-Jollimore, Halifax Presbytery
Noel, Truro Presbytery
North Highlands, Sydney Presbytery
Shelburne, South Shore Presbytery

May we, with them, claim the ways of truth and yearn for your justice to be done on earth.

Let us pray for the United Church Women and all Women’s Groups, that they might serve with a vitality of faith, a warmth of love, and a determination of spirit as they promote truth, justice, peace and sharing.

Let us pray for the Christian Leadership Education (CLE) Programme and all Adult Study Groups, that they may continue to equip people for living the faith.


For Prayerful Reflection: What do you hear the Bible saying to you when you pray the words, “Let him turn away from evil and do right … for the eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous and God’s ears are open to their prayer.”