To proclaim Jesus, crucified and risen, our judge and our hope…

God, the Conceiver of Creation,

Share your conception of creation with us.

God, Redeemer of Creation,

Share your work of redemption with us.

God, the Inspirer of Creation,

Share your inspiration in our midst.

God, Three-in-One and One-in-Three,

When we are gathered together in your Name, You stand in our midst to bless us, in your Name we are now assembled.  Surround us with your saints from every age, those men and women, who boar your conception of life into fruition, who redeemed your thoughts from forgetfulness, and who inspired us to rise up into your Presence.  By the power of your Love and in the mystery of your Holy Spirit, as we remember them, so we are surrounded by them. 


Naming All Who Are Gone Before Us

The Ancient Celts believed that when we name someone in prayer they return to be with us, bearing some gift from God that God knows we need, and that through them, God knows we are able to receive. Traditionally, a person is named, then the quality that endeared them to us is mentioned, finishing with an invitation to be with us again.

For example:

God of Columba, the wandering one, stand with us now.

            God of my mother, the tender one, stand with us now.

As we remember and recall, the space around us is filled with our friends, mentors and companions.  We are literally not alone.


Conclusion to Prayers

One: God the Conceiver, God the Redeemer, God the Inspirer,

All: Stand with us now. As we are surrounded with the Great Cloud of Witnesses, let our prayers be joined with theirs.