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Directory Privacy Statement

Directory Privacy Statement

Provincial and Federal legislation highlights the need for society to safeguard the privacy and personal information of its members.

Regional Councils are committed to reducing any potential harm to its members by safeguarding how personal information is gathered, stored and distributed.

At the same time Regional Councils are also committed to ensuring its members can communicate quickly and easily with one another for work and fellowship.

This Directory honours both of these commitments. It attempts to be as comprehensive as possible so the breadth of the United Church can recognize itself as one body united in Christ. At the same time, it contains little or no personal information as defined by the legislation.

In order to further safeguard our members, Regional Councils ask all who access the Directory to honour the following restrictions:

Please do not use the information contained in the Directory for any purpose other than the work and fellowship of the church. It should not be used for personal, commercial, political or any other non-church purpose.

Finally, if you feel any of your information contained on the Directory is “personal” and you do not want it within the Online Directory, please contact your Regional Council Office; it will be removed.  Our goal is to provide a helpful resource for the church while respecting what an individual deems as private.

4 March 2019