Division of Communities of Faith Support and Planning

To provide leadership to and coordinate the activities of the Missional Assessment Planning, Pastoral Consultation and Accountability, and Boundaries Teams.

• Chair
• Secretary
• Convenor of Pastoral Consultation and Accountability Team
• Convenor of Missional Assessment Planning Team
• Convenor of Boundaries Team

• To coordinate interactions among the teams of the Division
• To promote utilization of the Missional Assessment Planning process and annual evaluations among Communities of Faith
• To recruit and appoint designated volunteer teams to deal with specific situations that are identified in the work of the permanent teams and that are beyond the capacity of those teams

• Commitment to the future of The United Church of Canada and its ministries
• An understanding of the operations of and challenges facing Communities of Faith

• Regional Council Executive

Must refer decisions to the Regional Council Executive except the following:
• any matters covered within approved budgets
• any matter referred by a Division Committee