Division of Human Resources

To provide leadership, oversight and guidance to the activities of the teams that supports human resources in the Regional Council.

• Chair
• Secretary
• Convenor of Licensing Team
• Convenor of Ministerial, Human and Pastoral Relations Team
• Convenor of Retiree Support Team
• Convenor of Nominations Team
• Convenor of Chaplaincy Team
• Convenor of Appeals Team
• Two (2) Members at Large

• To ensure that all teams are fulfilling their mandates
• To coordinate interactions among the teams of the Division
• To ensure that the team handbooks and resources are up to date
• To ensure that the teams are providing appropriate training to the designated volunteers needed for each team’s mandate
• Inform the Executive Minister when a license is required

• An understanding of the policies and procedures of The United Church of Canada with respect to human resources
• People skills and pastoral skills
• An understanding of the intricacies of human resources
• Organizational skills

• Regional Council Executive

Must refer decisions to the Regional Council Executive except the following:
• any matters covered within approved budgets
• any matters referred from Divisional Committees