Division of Regional Council Services and Support

To provide oversight, leadership and guidance to Communities of Faith within Regional Council.

• Chair
• Secretary
• Convenor – Communications Team
• Convenor – Faith Formation and Leadership Development Team
• Convenor – Justice, Mission and Outreach Team
• Convenor – Stewardship Team
• Convenor – Regional Council Program Team

• To ensure that all teams under its Division are fulfilling their mandates
• To ensure that the team handbooks and resources are up to date
• To ensure that the teams are providing appropriate training to the designated volunteers needed to fulfill each teams mandate
• To ensure consultation between Divisional Teams and with other Divisions as necessary and appropriate
• To provide information and advice for Regional Council Executive and to make recommendations on all issues coming within the ambit of the Division of Regional Council Services and Support

• A passion for, and a commitment to, the work of the Church
• Leadership skills
• Organizational skills

• Regional Council Executive

Must refer decisions to the Regional Council or its Executive except the following:
• items referred for decision unless Regional Council or Executive decision is specified