First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council Annual Meeting 2022

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2022 Annual Meeting information to be posted as soon as it is available



Register will open early 2022






Elected Members to Regional Council

Elected Members to First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council 2022
Official Members Form


Election of President-Elect FDEE
Nomination Form for President-Elect
Position Description for Regional Council President

2022 Nominee for President-Elect

44th General Council Commissioners

2022 Meeting of General Council 44 (July 22-26, 2022)

Elected General Council 44 Commissioners

Information Webinars (Pre-Annual Meeting)

In preparation for the Annual Meeting, the Executive is offering three webinars so that members are able to ask questions for clarification about the matters that we will be voting on at the meeting.

Webinar #1
Webinar #2
Webinar #3


Celebration of Ministry

Laying on of Hands Policy
Guidelines for Presenting Stoles


Milestones in Ministry Celebration

Anniversary Letter 2022 from Rev. Heather Sandford, Regional Minister

Milestones in Ministry Celebration Booklet

Milestones in Ministry Celebration – Watch the slideshow here

In Memoriam


Holy Land Visit

2022 Holy Lands Visit Trust Fund MacPherson Family

Pronoun Information

What are your Pronouns

Regrets Form

If you are unable to attend the Regional Annual Meeting, we ask that you let us know by completing the Regrets form.



Reports to First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council

Downloadable PDF of all materials: Reports to First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council: DOCKET 2022

Procedures for Holding a Meeting and Decision Making – A Whole People’s Covenant & Holy Manners
Guidelines for Business Procedures
Opening Procedural Motions
President’s Report
Executive Minister’s Report
General Council Commissioner’s Report
Division and Team Reports
Other Reports

Evaluation Form