United Church Women (UCW)


As women of faith,
We believe in nurturing Christian spirituality
by reaching out through
commitment and devotion
to all God’s people
in the promotion of truth, justice, peace,
caring, and respect for all
throughout the earth, God’s world;
We believe in honouring God the Creator,
and loving others through generous giving and joyful living;
And we believe in affirming and strengthening ourselves
both individually and together
through creative study, prayer, and action.


Mission Statement

Love God
Foster Christian commitment,
faithfulness, and spirituality.
Promote respect and love
for all God’s creation.


To unite women of the congregation
for the total mission of the church
and to provide a means through
which we may express our
loyalty and devotion to Jesus Christ
in Christian witness, study, fellowship,
and service.


Biennial April 24-26, 2020

St Paul’s United Church
Riverview, New Brunswick
“Coloring Outside the Lines”
Guest Speaker – Senator Nancy Hartling

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