Community Ministry

The following is a list of community ministries in the Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Regional Council who receive Mission and Service Funding made possible by your generous donations.  Thank you!

Centenary Queen Square Day Care Centres – Centenary-Queen Square Care Centres house two vital community programs. The Adult Day Care Program is to provide social and recreational opportunities for adults and seniors with intellectual and/or physical disabilities. The Child Development Centre is for children from 15 months to 5 years of age. The centre is located in the South end. This area is considered one of five priority neighbourhoods in Saint John because of high poverty rates, percentage of single parents, and lower levels of education and labour force participation. In the south end 45% of single mother-led families are below the poverty rate and this rate has been increasing since 2001. In 2015, 85% of our attending children came from families with financial need.

Fredericton Council for Christian Ministry on Campus – Campus Ministry began at UNB in the early 1970’s and has supported the university communuity by providing opportunities for study, fellowship and community activities as well as silent prayer and mediation. While often called upon in times of crisis, the Chaplain also offers friendship and personal counselling where needed to any student, faculty or staff member at the UNB Fredericton campus which also includes Saint Thomas University and the New Brunswick Community College. Recent years have seen a considerable interest in our outdoor “God in Nature” ministry.

Lake View United Church –  formed seven years ago when the three United Churches joined due to declining population and finances. This is a learning site for student ministers, studying through the Atlantic School of Theology, for the past nine years. We have had three students complete the Summer Distance Program and also had three students complete the pastoral work for their ordinations.

LIFT: An Intergenerational Project, Chipman PC – An Intergenerational lunch sponsored by Chipman Gaspereau Forks United Church in partnership with Chipman Youth Centre (CYC) which began in September 2013. It is available monthly at no cost. There are many assets in this community to address the isolation and loneliness of children at risk from the affects of financially marginalized families and seniors yet lack the funding to allow them adequate opportunity to participate and interact. The Chipman Elementary School is dismissed at 12 noon on Fridays. Children arrive at the Chipman Youth Centre by school bus. The CYC provides an afternoon program for Seniors and Youth to share a meal together and intergenerational space, sometimes programmed, before the afternoon childrens’ program begins.

Maritimes – Guatemala, Breaking the Silence Project – This project was initiated in 1989.  BTS activities include: Ongoing formal partner relationships with Guatemalan grassroots church and community groups; Human rights accompaniment; Hosting more than 70 Guatemalen visitors/speaking tours in Canada; Holding numerous public education events; Sent 77 Interns to Guatemalan partner organizations; Developed a fair trade coffee relationship bringing together a Guatemalan BTS partner with Just US! Fair Trade Cooperative, to purchase, process and market “Breaking the Silence Coffee”; Responded to numerous Urgent Actions affecting partners and related organizations in Guatemala; Carried out advocacy and lobbying in Canada around concerns of Guatemalan communities and organizations, including impunity and bringing to justice genocide perpetrators, mining, sweatshops.