FSLDW Annual Meeting June 3-5, 2021


Annual Meeting Date 2021 (2020-12-15)



44th General Council Commissioners

Election of General Council Commissioners for the 2021 Meeting of the General Council
General Council Commissioners Form
Nominations for General Council Commissioners

Information Webinars (Pre Annual Meeting)

Webinar Series


Official Members to Regional Council

Letter to Board/Secretaries
Official Members to Regional Council Form


Youth Forum and Intermediates @ Conference

Youth Forum
Intermediates @ Conference


Pronoun Information

What are your Pronouns


Reports to Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Regional Council

(downloadable PDF of all materials)
President’s Message, Audrey Lounder
Guidelines for Business Procedures Annual Meeting
Regional Resource Persons
Constitutional Motions
Executive Minister’s Report
Candidates for Celebration
Committee Reports
Other Reports
Memorial Observances
Agenda Draft


Evaluation Form

On-line Evaluation of the Annual Meeting