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Incorporated Ministries Committee



To provide oversight, leadership, and guidance to the Incorporated Ministries within the bounds of Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Regional Council as per Manual section C.2.13.



a) To consult with each incorporated ministry within the Regional Council;

b) To receive annual reporting information from each incorporated ministry including annual meeting minutes, financial statements, proof of insurance, and any other documents that provide a broad overview of the activities and health of the ministry.

c) To organize teams in particular areas within the Regional Council and to arrange visits by the teams to each incorporated ministry within their area at least once every two years or more if required;

d) To ensure the incorporated ministry is following the United Church of Canada guidelines and policies;

e) To ensure the team submits a report following their visit to the Committee;

f) To supervise all recognized incorporated ministries within the Region and to respond in a supportive way when there is not compliance with the guidelines and policies of the United Church of Canada;

g) To respond to new requests for incorporation for a new ministry or to a change in bylaws for incorporated ministries and to work with the ministry to ensure compliance with guidelines and policies.



There would be a Chair, secretary, and four members preferably residing in areas close to existing camps for ease of contact and site visitations. The Committee would be able to have designated volunteers to assist in their site inspections and/or expertise from time to time as required to complete their work. The Executive Minister and Staff Support are members of the Committee and available for consultation at any time.



Terms of Office:

All committee members including the Chairperson and the Secretary will be appointed for a three-year term by the regional council at the Annual General Meeting, with the possibility that members would be eligible for re-appointment for a total of two (2) terms.



Jim Blanchard (2025)                                                   james.blanchard@pei.sympatico.ca
Charlene Maguire-Mc Knight, Secretary (2023)           clergy@rogers.com
Robert Crowley (2024, 2nd)                                          robertgcrowley@gmail.com
Bob Budge (2025, 2nd)                                                 realbazaar@gmail.com
Faith March-MacCuish, Executive Minister                  FMacCuish@united-church.ca


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