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Justice, Mission and Outreach Committee

To speak out publicly on justice issues in line with United Church of Canada’s policies and positions.  To call attention to emergent issues and work with the appropriate bodies (in particular Regional Councils or Executives) to help establish positions or policies, as needed.


a) To educate and organize the Region and communities of faith regarding social justice issues and provide opportunities for them to respond;
b) To speak out publicly in line with United Church of Canada’s policy and to seek approval and guidance from the Region’s Executive when it is apparent no clear United Church policy exists;
c) To take part in webinars presented by the United Church of Canada on outreach and justice initiatives and share information with communities of faith;
d) To report to the Region on outreach and justice initiatives on a regular and annual basis;
e) To encourage communities of faith to appoint a person through which information can channel to the faith community and to provide guidance to the appointed person;
f) To develop opportunities for cluster formation among groups of communities of faith to further educate and inform people on social justice issues.


Mission and Justice Minister – Staff Support

Must have passion for outreach and mission; facilitation, communication, and organizational skills are important for the Committee.  Encouraged to work with similar Committees in other Regions on matters of mutual interest as appropriate.