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Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee recommends appointments for the regional council Executive, and other committees, boards, task groups, or United Church representatives, as requested by the regional council, its Executive, or the Executive Minister.


Members of the Nominations Committee will actively seek out and encourage nominations from across the diversity of the church as well as requesting completion of the gifts and interest forms.

In meeting their obligations, the Committee will strive to meet the church’s commitments to:
a) becoming an intercultural church;
b) the full inclusion of people with disabilities;
c) developing new and young leadership;
d) the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples;
e) to have a gender balance as well as a balance of ministry and lay representatives on the committees;
f) have rural and urban balance in membership; and

Once a slate of positions are filled, the Nominations Committee would submit its recommendations for appointment to the regional council or its Executive, as appropriate and having regard to the time line involved and the necessity of filling the position(s) quickly.  In addition, nominations for the following must be sought: Atlantic Christian Training Centre (1); Atlantic School of Theology Senate (2); Camp Wegesegum Board (2); Mount Allison Board of Regents (four-year term [2 people]); Mount Allison Sharpe Scholarship Committee from Prince Edward Island only (two-year term [2 people]).


Membership of the Nominations Committee shall consist of eight members comprised of:”
a) two members from the Executive; and
b) six members not on the regional council Executive, appointed by the regional council to serve until the first annual meeting of the Region;
c) members would be eligible for re-appointment by the regional council.

The Committee will have the autonomy to select a chair or to rotate the leadership role and will be appointed by the Regional council. Vacancies on the committee may be filled by the Executive until the next meeting of the regional council. 


Terms of office:
All committee members including chairs and secretaries will be appointed for two years  with half of the members initially appointed for three years to provide further continuity.