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Pastoral Relations Committee

To work in conjunction with the Regional Minister in pastoral relations matters including but not limited to assisting communities of faith with preparation of profiles, search for ministry personnel  and to assist with scheduling covenanting services following the call/appointment of ministry personnel.



Communities of Faith:
1)         With communities of faith, recruit, choose, call, appoint, and covenant with ministry personnel and communities of faith.
2)         End calls, appointments, and covenants with ministry personnel and other staff;
3)         Appoint members from the pool of Pastoral Relations Liaison Officers to assist a community of faith in pastoral relations matters at designated times.
4)         Liaison with and assess a community of faith=s capability to be a learning site following clear guidelines to ensure site meets all criteria required for a candidate=s supervised ministry educational requirements in conjunction with the Office of Vocation Minister.  (Note: Education supervisors are selected by the Office of Vocation Minister who trains Lay Supervision Teams.)
5)         Oversee communities of faith/pastoral charges including review of records on a regular basis and when an issue arises, to recommend an appropriate action.
6)         Assist communities of faith in any other aspects of meeting their ministry personnel needs.
7)         To maintain a list of people with particular qualifications who may be called upon to offer pastoral care for groups or individuals in need.
8)         Assist communities of faith in any other aspects of meeting their ministry personnel needs or other needs as may arise from time to time.
9)         Encourage and support ministry personnel toward health, joy, and excellence in ministry practice.
10)       Assist with informal conflict processes.
11)       Celebrate retirements of ministry personnel. 
12)       Responsibility for specialized ministries such as chaplains in the Forces or working on Universities.

13)       The Regional Minister will train the liaison persons chosen to work with communities of faith in compiling their living faith stories.
14)       The liaisons will work with the communities of faith in their search for ministry personnel that suit their needs.
15)       Once a minister is chosen, the liaisons will arrange for a covenanting service for the community of faith which will include a member of the Executive of the Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Regional Council who will preside at the service.

Licensed Lay Worship Leader:
16)       To work with lay people interested in taking the licensed lay worship leader course, and upon completion of the course to celebrate their completion and present their license to them, maintain a list of licensed lay worship leaders and to make same available to all communities of faith on a regular basis. Please click here to be taken to the Licensed Lay Worship Leader webpage. 

License to Administer the Sacraments:
17)       The region is responsible for granting a licence to administer the sacraments to diaconal ministers, designated lay ministers, people who retired while serving as designated lay ministers, and sacrament elders, as per the Manual, section I.2.4.
18)       In situations where there is no ministry personnel, the Region may train and license a sacramental elder to administer the sacraments as per the Manual.

19)       One or two members (regional participation encouraged) to have the responsibility of checking in with pensioners at least on an annual basis or more often as required to assess their and their partner’s needs, including offering dialogue about options if there is a need for a care facility or financial assistance, and assisting with contacting a financial planner to discuss options.


The membership of the Pastoral Relations Committee will consist of:
a) The Regional Minister (ex officio);
b) Eight members, one of whom will act as secretary of the Committee and who will ensure all necessary documentation is prepared;
c) The eight members will be regionally based and should have knowledge of the communities of faith in their area;
d) The membership may be expanded to meet the needs of the number of communities of faith searching for ministry personnel.


Terms of Office:
Members will be appointed for a three-year term with four members being appointed for a four-year term in order for continuity of members for their work and experience.

Pastoral Relations Updates