Our Mission, Our Vision

January 12, 2020

Welcome to the Our Mission, Our Vision web page.  I’m glad that you stopped by.  It has taken me far too long to get a message ready for you!  I hope it was worth the wait!

Four of the planned eight sessions have been completed and the work of entering the information into a spreadsheet has started.

My travels have taken me to Miramichi where I was warming welcomed by the Rev Charlene Maguire MacKnight.  The weather wasn’t great but an intrepid group gathered and I was privileged to meet some amazing people and to hear their stories…

From Miramichi, I made my way to Campbellton where the people of St John’s welcomed me with open arms.  It was surprising how much snow there was for mid November and how different that is from the southern part of New Brunswick.  The gathering was wonderful with some very profound stories told and deep sharing taking place.

With a few days rest, I crossed the Confederation Bridge for two workshops in PEI.  Trusty Google Maps guided me safely to Bedeque United Church and another amazing group of people who were all so willing to share their stories with me and without much pause, I was off to Winsloe United Church for the second PEI gathering.

And so the Our Mission, Our Vision gatherings are unfolding… after a break for Christmas, I’ll be back on the road visiting the Fredericton Area (Nashwaaksis United), Moncton Area (St. Paul’s in Riverview), St Andrew’s area (Wesley United) and the Saint John area (Hampton United).

I will try to keep you posted!


Our Mission, Our Vision Updates

Our Mission, Our Vision

Our Mission, Our Vision

We will soon celebrate our first anniversary!  But who are we?  What do we value?  What do we believe?  What are our hopes and dreams for the future?  As your president, these things are important to me as we begin to define what it is to be a region. I want you to be...

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