Welcome to the Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Regional Council

The United Church of Canada

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Core Values

Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Region values:

  • Its relationship with its Communities of Faith, Ecumenical Partners, Indigenous Communities and differing faith traditions. We strive to build healthy relationships based on trust and respect.
  • Diversity as modelled by Creator’s good creation and strives to affirm that presence and love in all our actions and relationships.
  • Open, honest and genuine communications both within and outside the organization. We strive to see the Spirit at work in all of our communications
  • Celebration of community in all the seasons of life. We strive to share in that life with all of creation.

Our Mission

Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Region consults with, guides and supports Communities of Faith and other ministries in building trusting, respectful, affirming relationships that embody Creator’s presence within the world in which we live.

Our Vision

That Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Region embody an active and faithful reflection of Jesus’ ministry in the world; Affirming and respecting people of all sexual orientations, genders and gender identities in particular, different abilities, ethnicity, skin colour, culture, age, geographic location, economic circumstance and mental and physical health in all aspects of its life and work.


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Pastoral Charge:  SHEDIAC Presbytery:  Chignecto Position: Ministry of Word, Worship, and Pastoral Care Part time - 20 hours per week Start:  December 1, 2018 DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS:  December 30, 2018, or until a suitable candidate is found.  Submit through...

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Pastoral Charge: Woodstock (Saint James) Presbytery: Woolastook Position: Ordained Minister Full Time: 40 hrs/week Start: Now Contact: Evelyn Clark, 104 Grant St., Woodstock, NB E7M 3Y3 Phone:  506-325-2025; 506-328-4945 Woodstock (Saint James) Needs Assessment - 2018...

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Pastoral Charge: Harrisville United Presbytery: Chignecto Position: Minister of Word, Worship and Pastoral Care Part-Time: 20 hrs/week Start Date: Negotiable Deadline for applications October 31, 2018 Contact: Cheryl Botten, harrisvilleunitedchurch@gmail.com,...

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Pastoral Charge: Andrew Donald Presbytery: Saint John Position: Ministry Personnel Part Time (10 hrs/wk) for a one-year appointment Contact: Rev. Kelly Hudson-Lewis, 24 Robb Crt, Hampton, NB E5N 4Z8, 506-832-5050 Office Andrew Donald Needs Assessment 2016

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Pastoral Charge: Millstream Presbytery: Saint John Position: Ministry Personnel Part Time - 50% - 60% Start: Now Contact: Mr. Brian McCullum, 410 Pearsonville Rd., Pearsonville, NB E5P 1S3, 506-433-6395 Phone, 506-432-9521 Fax Millstream Needs Assessment 2015

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