Justice – Guaranteed Annual Income

There is a network emerging nationally, across the United Church, working on advocacy for a Guaranteed Annual, sometimes called Guaranteed Livable Income or Universal Basic Income (GAI/GLI/UBI) for Canadians as a means to address poverty.  Each province has a coordinator and a team who are actively encouraging all Communities of Faith to be engaged.

The Coordinators for each province in UCC East Regions are:

NL – Very Rev. Dr. Marion Pardy, m-pardy@nf.sympatico.ca

PE – Catherine Anne Dickson islandlupin@hotmail.com

NB – Rose-Hannah Gaskin rosehannah.gaskin@gmail.com 

NS – Hal and Karen Llewelyn hllewellyn@bellaliant.net; mackayllewellyn@bellaliant.net

To find plenty of resources for study, worship, or action go to  Guaranteed Livable Income Program.  You may also contact any of the coordinators or the Regional Minister for Justice and Mission for further information on how you can get involved.

Email template and letter writing downloads.

For information about work in this area contact your regional coordinator.