Justice – Just Peace for Palestine and Israel

by | Jan 28, 2020

The Just Peace for Palestine/Israel Working Group works cooperatively with other faith communities and non-governmental organizations as we: raise awareness and educate church and community members about the history and current conditions of Palestinians and Israelis; amplify the voices of Palestinian Christians and church partners in Palestine/Israel; and advocate for justice, human rights and adherence to international law in relation to Palestine and Israel toward the goal of a just peace.


Members of the Working Group: Steve Berube (NB), Linda Scherzinger (NS), Jim Wicks (PEI), Myrna Wicks (PEI), Anne Hoganson (NS), Bev McDonald(NS), Doug Rigby(NS), Mary Rigby(NS), Pat Mercer(NL), Hope Rowsell (NL).  All of these individuals have traveled to Palestine and Israel multiple times and are willing to be contacted to share their experiences with your group.


Online Workshop – Request “Speaking Up for the Children“, a facilitated online workshop for your community.  Learn more here. (downloadable pdf poster)


Children’s Sunday Resources

 2019 Children’s Sunday Service “It’s Not Fair” 

Sample Worship Service Outline – St. Andrew’s UC, Halifax

Assorted Worship Resources  – Includes prayers, video links, “Biblical Voices” reading, points for reflection, words for a hymn.

Worship Service Suggestions (Part One) – Includes Call to Worship, Prayers, Scripture and Reflection, Images, a Poem with a call to action, and Hymn suggestions.

Witness from an Ecumenical Accompanier (Part Two)

Luke 18 Dramatization for Children’s Sunday

Palestinian Children’s story with Children

Palestinian Children’s story with Youth

Images – assorted images uploaded as Power Point slides/PDF that may be projected or printed as needed including maps.

List of Actions – Suggestions for further follow-up actions that you can take in your Community of Faith or group.

Sample letter/email – As a follow-up action you are invited to send a message to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. 

Video of Rev. Catherine Stuart, Minister for Children, Youth, and Young Adults, serving Atlantic Regions offers Children’s Sunday statement and a prayer. https://youtu.be/skB8Bd_FQIk

Video from a young Palestinian Activist (5 minutes)  https://youtu.be/cMWuk_mi5kw   

 Patricia Mercer delivers 5 minute message at Gower St. United Church, St. John’s, NL, Nov. 1st, 2020 (starting at minute 49)    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeOH9eEW7OY&t=2s

 Additional Resources and Links

General information about BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) as action for change can be found at https://bdsmovement.net/

 Information about economic actions suggested by the United Church of Canada can be found HERE.

 The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) released a list in 2020 of businesses with ties to (illegal) Israeli settlements in the West Bank.  UNHRC List of Businesses

For information about work in this area contact your Regional Office

Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Regional Council – info4rc14@united-church.ca
Bermuda-Nova Scotia Regional Council – info4rc15@united-church.ca
First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council  – info4rc16@united-church.ca