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by | Jan 28, 2020

Meet, Lenora Timmons.

Lenora  is our Regional Advisor for Atlantic Canada.  She is a member of the United Church of Canada Refugee Advisory Group (UCC RAG).   The UCC RAG operates to help United Church congregations with the day-to-day work of refugee sponsorship and support.

Here is an introduction from Lenora:

My name is Lenora Timmons and I am a Chartered Professional Accountant located in a small town in Cape Breton, NS.  My passion for supporting sponsorship of refugees stems from my desire to make a difference.  We are blessed to live in Canada, while many families, on a daily basis, have to deal with poverty, hunger, war, lack of education for their children, and other untold atrocities.  I believe it is our duty to share our good fortune with others wherever possible.  Our local United Church resettled a refugee family of 5 in Cape Breton, NS in 2016 and we are currently waiting for 2 more refugee families to arrive (a family of 6 and a family of 3).  Being part of this sponsorship has changed my life for the better.  As for being the Regional Advisor, it’s been a rewarding experience helping others make a difference as well!


My role as the Regional Advisor, Refugee Program is to liaise between the sponsor groups and the United Church of Canada (UCC), while supporting groups with the application process to sponsor refugee(s) either through PSR (private sponsorship), BVOR (blended visa-office referral), or JAS (government joint-assisted) applications, especially those applications that are submitted under the UCC SAH (sponsorship agreement holder).  My role is also to provide resources to applicants as they progress through the entire sponsorship period, including before the families arrive in Canada, while the families are in Canada, and after the sponsorship period ends.


Lenora sends regular updates on educational opportunities, new sponsorship needs and opportunities, and stories from sponsoring groups.  If you would like to be on her email list, you can contact her at:


For information about work in this area contact your Regional Office

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