About Halifax Presbytery

There are 92 Presbyteries, organized within 13 conferences, in the United Church of Canada structure. Our Presbytery is one of 14 in the Maritime Conference, which stretches from the Gaspe to Bermuda.

Halifax Presbytery is the governing body supporting the United Churches in the Halifax, Regional Municipality in Nova Scotia. There are 31 Pastoral Charges, each of 1 or more congregations, from Saint Margaret’s Bay Pastoral Charge in the west to Sheet Harbour Pastoral Charge in the east.

Each congregation appoints representatives to Halifax Presbytery. The Presbytery also includes in its membership all of the ministers currently serving in the Pastoral Charges as well as many who serve in other positions within the bounds of Presbytery such as chaplains and professors, our membership also includes most of the retired ministers that choose to live in the area.

We also maintain contact with outreach ministries, chaplains in the hospitals, the military, the universities, and the Atlantic School of Theology.

Halifax Presbytery operates the Arthur Kidston Memorial Camp where summer programs for children are supplemented by programs run by other church groups.

The Church Extension Board of the Presbytery provides financial support for new and developing congregations.

Halifax Presbytery meets on the second Tuesday every other month from September through May, and June, at 7:00 p.m.

Meetings are held in church or outreach facilities throughout the bounds of the presbytery.

Halifax Presbytery Executive meets the fourth Tuesday of each month, from September to June. Meeting locations are given in the ‘NEWS’ page.

Pastoral Charges