Prince Edward Island, both a Province and a Presbytery, has strong roots in the Methodist, Presbyterian, and Bible Christian Churches.

Bishop Black visited here in 1783 and recorded that his work had little success. On his second visit in 1794 he could see that the Methodist cause was growing under the leadership of men like Benjamin Chapell in Charlottetown.

Side by side, and many times in competition, was the work of the Presbyterian Church. The first missionary to the non-Christian world from the Presbyterian Church in Canada came from Prince Edward Island. In 1848 the Reverend John Geddie and Mrs. Geddie arrived in the New Hebrides. A deep interest in the outreach of the Church continues in the Prince Edward Island Presbytery.

The Prince Edward Island Presbytery covers the 24 Pastoral Charges in the Province of Prince Edward Island. The list of Pastoral Charges follows.

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