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An Idle Tale Becomes Good News: Messages on Lent and Easter Themes

Author: Herchel H. Sheets

Each chapter in this collection of twenty meditations considers a specific phrase or object related to Jesus’ ministry in his final days or in his resurrection appearances. In several cases, this is something intangible yet very distinct, such as Jesus’ prayer for his disciples, Pilate’s wife’s dream, or the astounding news of the resurrection that seemed like an “idle tale.” Other messages address objects that could have been seen and touched: the torn curtain in the temple, ropes, scars, or the burial spices the women brought to the empty tomb. But whether tangible or intangible, each symbol reflects a significant event in the biblical narrative, which Sheets explores to see what lessons can be drawn for today’s Christian living. This volume is excellent for adult Sunday school classes or other study groups, devotional reading during Lent and Easter, and as background for sermon preparation. A companion book of children’s sermons based on the same texts (Alleluia! by Elaine M. Ward) is also available from CSS Publishing Company.


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