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Barefoot Revolution

Author: Paul Marshall

A practical and robust model for discipleship integrating biblical spirituality, including stories from the Bible, church history, and the present; “how to”; tools and practices.

At the burning bush, Moses went barefoot before the Lord in an attitude of surrender and readiness for God’s voice. Many Christians today―from lack of understanding or to sidestep what might be difficult―don’t really try out life with God at all. And many current models of the church make things worse by focusing on how to make the church “work” rather than on developing transforming relationships with God that serve his purposes and make our souls come alive. Paul Marshall writes for yearning souls, boldly refreshing the biblical truth that we can find God and consistently live close to him if we have a grown-up spiritual life versed in love. He is passionate about helping people to truly try life with God and to participate in his kingdom. With warm encouragement and challenge, Barefoot Revolution pushes past flashy substitutes that don’t work, to carefully uncover the ancient heart-rhythms fueling biblical spirituality. Paul also addresses the “how to,” providing a discipleship model, tools, and practices that will leave you with all that you need to road-test a wonderful, deeper spiritual life with God.


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