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Bethlehem’s Closet: A Reunion of Grace

Author: Donald Neidigk

If you want to try something different for Advent this year, “Bethlehem’s Closet: A Reunion of Grace” is a great resource that provides congregations with an intriguing learning experience. It’s a unique series of five monologues telling the fascinating stories, warts and all, of the women mentioned in Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus. Donald Neidigk believes that the embarrassing events in some of these women’s lives are important for us to know, since they demonstrate that Jesus was born into an imperfect family, with secrets in the closet, just like you and me. And that makes him a sympathetic Savior — exactly what we need. So even though the shepherds and wise men may be more typical of the season’s characters, “Bethlehem’s Closet: A Reunion of Grace” offers a refreshing way to celebrate Christ’s birth. Each monologue comes with a children’s message (using easily obtained objects to reinforce the lesson) and a convenient order of worship.


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