Bible Black Belts: Scripture with a Kick!

Recent surveys reveal that few adults have a proficient knowledge of the Bible. This curriculum helps familiarize children with the Bible, giving them a solid biblical foundation for a lifetime of faith.

  • Offers up to nine months of material, ideal for using during a school year
  • Each month features a different color belt that focuses on one main passage of Scripture:
    • how to use the Bible and the Torah
    • Explore more of the Old Testament and how to find Scripture
    • New Testament books
    • The Ten Commandments
    • The Lord’s Prayer
    • The 23rd Psalm
    • The Beatitudes
    • The Parables
  • Includes “Words of Celebration” (Psalms), “Words of Comfort,” “Words of Wisdom” (Proverbs), and “Words of Jesus” throughout the curriculum
  • Every passage of Scripture features its own unique activity including games, reflection, movement, and rhythm
  • Ideal for use as part of a regular Sunday school class, Wednesday evening, choir, spring break, or summer program
  • For ages 5-12


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1 in stock