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Bread, Body, Spirit: Finding the Sacred in Food

By Alice Peck

“How can we find what is sublime in our everyday encounters with food? Where is God in the supermarket? Can we see the holy in a strawberry?”

―from the Introduction

Food plays a remarkable role in the daily routine of our lives. Whether we make time to eat with our families, or hit the drive-through on the way to doing something else, food and how we approach it has the extraordinary power to unite us with others and nurture our connection to the Divine.

Provocative and insightful, the eclectic and beautiful pieces in this book will open your eyes to the awe-inspiring link between nourishment and nirvana. Drawing from many faith traditions and backgrounds―including Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Native American and Sikh―the words in this volume paint a glorious picture of the sanctity waiting to be discovered in a thing so simple―and yet so divine―as food.


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