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Contemporary Christologies

Author: Don Schweitzer


Refines what Christianity has to offer the present age.  Yet the important work of today’s theologians often goes unmarked until some major controversy erupts.

Here is a smart and helpful survey of the chief approaches and thinkers in today’s quest for a relevant Christology.  Schweitzer offers an insightful introduction to the context of their thought and then illuminating introductions to and a typology of the current approaches and voices.  Featured are Karl Rahner, Dorothee Soelle, Roger Haight ,Rosemary Radford Ruether, Carter Heyward, Mark Lewis Taylor, James Cone, Jon Sobrino, Elizabeth Johnson, Douglas John Hall, Marilyn McCord Adams, Jurgen Moltmann, RaimonPanikkar, John B. Cobb Jr., and Jacques Dupuis



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