Gathered for Worship: A Sourcebook for Worship Committees, Leaders, and Teams

Author: William S. Kervin

Each topic raised by Kervin in this collection of discussion starters for worship planners is a catalyst for a new kind of thinking around how we frame our worship. Creeds, intercultural worship, architecture, language, song, new technology…whatever the subject, Kervin combines an enlightening appreciation for liturgical traditions with the conviction that everyone in the church has experience and opinions and this grassroots input can enrich our common experience. Concise and accessible, Kervin, a renowned theologian and teacher at Emmanuel College in Toronto, brings to each reflection his own experience in pastoral ministry. His work has been drawn from Kervin’s column Worship Words that appears regularly in the periodical Gathering. The chapters in Gathered for Worship have been tailored to meet the needs of worship planners as they study and reflect, discuss and plan, and include discussion questions, liturgical examples, and sources for further reading. Johanna M. Selles’s educational guidelines will help them make the most of their meetings.


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