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GreenFaith: Mobilizing God’s People to Save the Earth

Author: Fletcher Harper

The challenge we face are imminent. GreenFaith provides vision, inspiration, and practical tools to help you build your faith while inhabiting a creation that is at a risk. With honesty and candor, Fletcher Harper shows that it takes belief and practice, science and faith to sustain us and our planet. This book gives concrete examples and tips that will help people of faith and worshipping communities engage in earth care – in bold, life-giving ways. Each chapter has questions to guide personal study and group conversation.

All bets are off if we go over the climate change cliff – a disaster greater than many Superstorm Sundays. There is no doubt that climate change is happening. While debated for years, and despite some media reports to the contrary, the majority of people are ready to take action to avoid calamity. But what action is advisable or even possible? What can ordinary people do in the face of such staggering problems? Can or should faith communities play a part? Fletcheer Harper shows how we can make a difference and make earth a better world for all of us.


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