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Heart, Mind & Strength

Author: Jeffrey Jones

Leadership, observes Jeffrey Jones, is never about you. What happens to you as a leader stems from a vast array of issues and dynamics over which you have little or no control. Leadership, Jones also insists, is always about you–Christ’s disciple, part of the system, an individual with your own anxieties and a personal life that shapes both your personhood and your relationships. Heart, Mind, and Strength is about dealing with the tension between these two realities. What we know is important. So is who we are–maybe even more so. Of course, admits Jones, no book can tell u s everything we need to know about leadership–the “what” of it. And certainly no book can shape our personhood–the “who” of leadership. Jones, however, shares both theoretical and practical insights that will inform the “what’ and influence the “who” of your leadership in transformative ways. Jones organizes the book around the daily practices of leadership, treating it as both a skill and an art. Heart, Mind, and Strength will enhance your practice of ministry by providing well-grounded theory related to the practical concerns you encounter in the daily work of balancing what you know with who you are.


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2 in stock