How to Build a Support System for Your Ministry

Author: Roy M. Oswald

There are two main premises in Roy Oswald’s book: First, be intentional – reach out to others. The myth is that support will find us, but why gamble? Roy has some good clues about how to select your support group. Second, be extradependent – name a leader. Self-selected and group guided support groups can work, but a support group with a designated leader is stronger and more satisfying. This book will help you identify and secure such a leader for your support group. The book is mandatory reading for ordained ministers and lay professionals. Dr. William C. Behrens, Director of Leadership Support, The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America This book tells why there is a morale problem among clergy. Roy Oswald offers clergy a step-by-step ‘how to’ guide for developing a workable peer support system. He tells how to begin a support group and outlines the role of facilitators. The author’s insights on developing rituals, finding ‘encouragers, ‘ and enduring crises come from firsthand experience. Clergy and denominational leaders need the wisdom and experience shared in this book. Nancy T. Foltz, Leadership Consultant Roy Oswald begins his book on support systems for clergy with personal experience. We imagine that support systems come naturally. Through painful experiences we learn that isn’t true.


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