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Hyperlinkz Series

Author: Robert Elmer

From Book 1: Book one in a series of 6 books.

It’s a long way back to Normal…

Austin and Ashley Webster are normal 12-year-old kids, living in Normal, Illinois. But things get very abnormal when an odd digital camera transports them into the wild, wild world of the Internet.

Soon they hop from website to website, searching for their Aunt Jessica’s lost prize-winning beagle, Applet. From the Titanic to the apostle Paul’s shipwreck, they’re really there!

But things get really wired when they run into the mysterious Mattie Blankenskrean, who’s trying to wipe out sites she doesn’t like. And she’s not going to let the kids get in her way. Can Austin and Ashley find Applet and make their way back to Normal—before Ms. B reprograms the truth?


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