I Love to Tell Bible Stories

Authors: Karen Wright,   Marti Beuschlein

Telling Bible stories to young children can be a rewarding and fun experience. Variety and props help children participate and remember the story.

Early childhood educators Marti and Karen have compiled over 90 ideas for telling 57 Bible stories. These creative ideas feature:
• Puppets,
• Visual aid,
• Echo pantomimes,
• Story props,
• Dramatic plays,
• Rhythmic chants.

The authors also includes a wealth of helpful hints and tips for making Bible storytelling enjoyable. A special section also tells how to match the details of the bible story with the development level of thee children. The suggestions in this book are suitable for use with children from ages 3 to 7.
A special index in the back lists each Bible story and all the ideas that can be use for telling the particular story.


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1 in stock