Jesus 24/7: Guide to Spiritual Growth

Author: David Bruce

In this thoughtful and engaging prose, David Bruce offers a path for those seeking to explore spiritual practices.  a veritable feast for the spirituality hungry, this is a practical, manageable approach to trying a variety of spiritual practices and is a welcome addition to the bookshelf of anyone seeking tools for engaging more deeply in the tradition and praxis of Christian spirituality.  Grounded in Spiritual Growth is a terrific guide on the journey of discovering what it means to follow Jesus and encountering God more fully in daily life.

Jesus 24/7: Guide to Spiritual Growth is an important resource for small groups wanting to reconnect with the spiritual practices of Christian discipleship and service.  With a strong Untied Church orientation, share experience is the declared starting point for spiritual reflection, corporate worship and prayer, and living the ethics of Jesus in our world.  this guide is well written and accessible, and ideal for those wishing to explore spirituality that engages one’s inner life with service to others.


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6 in stock