Jesus, Companion in My Suffering

Author: Joyce Rupp

Reflections for the Lenten journey

Sometimes it is best to step aside from suffering to protect our mental and emotional health, but usually when we disregard what upsets the mind and heart, it just digs in more deeply. Teachers of spirituality and psychology tell us that this resistance leads to more, rather than less, discomfort. Unattended hurts fester and work against joy and satisfaction. While suffering in itself has no transformational value and is certainly not to be sought for its own sake, our soreness of spirit can awaken dormant goodness in us. Much depends on how we approach and tend to our misfortunes.

Awaken the dormant goodness within you this Lent with Jesus, Companion in My Suffering. Reflect with Joyce Rupp each day on the ways in which Jesus wants to meet you in your suffering and heal you, so that you might share in his redemption of the world.


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