Living in the Maybe: A steward confronts the spirit of fundamentalism

Author: Christopher Levan

This engaging volume points a way forward in the anxious search for certainty that grips our churches amid the growing relativism of today’s culture.  Building on the paradox inherent in the biblical concept of stewardship, Leven urges us to begin  living in the maybe, a perspective on life that he believes offers not only an effective model for confronting today’s confused times on the personal level but also an effective means for revitalizing the church.

Through an exploration of the themes of faithfulness, wealth, and happiness, Levan argues that the idea of stewardship contains a foundational dialectic that offers an antidote to our culture’s hunger for eternal fundamentals.  By looking carefully at both the biblical and the theological roots of each theme, Levan shows how the biblical notion of stewardship provides a locus and a pattern for shaping an appropriate Christian response to the apprehensions of our turn-of-the millennium culture.


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