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Miracle in the Bethlehem Inn: A Christmas Play

Author: Mary Lu Warstler

Miracle In The Bethlehem Inn is a Christmas play based on a Jewish family who are descendants of King David. They are in Bethlehem to pay their tax. The owner of the inn is Aaron. Earlier he promised a room to his brother, Joshua.

A Gentile merchant and his family arrive at the inn before Joshua. Aaron lets the Gentile family have the room promised to Joshua. Joshua and his family go to the stable to sleep, but give it up for the Holy Family.

Throughout the play Aaron is skeptical. He is only interested in money until the miracle occurs, which he then proclaims “will shatter the world.” At the end of the drama, Aaron sings a song to tell all that “I Have Seen Him.”

This play has a performance time of about 45 minutes. It appeals to an audience of all ages. Speaking parts are for seven women and six men. It can be played with a variety of ages, with non-speaking parts for youth.


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6 in stock