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Mrs. Johnson’s Rummage Sale: And Other Stewardship Dramas

Author: Jeff Wedge

Cultivating good stewardship is vital for strengthening Christian discipleship — but helping congregations focus on what that really means can be difficult because many people treat stewardship as nothing more than a pitch for money. Mrs. Johnson’s Rummage Sale is just the fresh and attention-getting resource you need to stimulate discussion and broaden understanding of this important topic. It’s a flexible collection of seven brief dramatic sketches, each highlighting a different aspect of stewardship, that will move audiences to consider stewardship from a variety of angles. With minimal stage directions and props, the scenes can easily be performed in a few minutes as part of a worship service, or as part of a congregational meeting, dinner, or other program. Sprinkled with a light touch of humor, Mrs. Johnson’s Rummage Sale provides you with a different, more accessible method for discussing what good stewardship means and it’s an excellent supplement to other stewardship programs.


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