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Nativity Dramas: Four Nontraditional Christmas Plays for All Ages

Nativity Dramas: Four Nontraditional Christmas Plays for All Ages by Keith Hewitt

Everyone knows the nativity story — the inn, the stable, and all the rest. If your traditional Christmas pageant has become a bit stale and you want to give it new life, this collection of engaging plays is sure to fit your needs. Keith Hewitt gives the usual narrative a modern treatment by adapting characters and settings from four popular television series (Blue’s Clues, CSI, Cops, and Trading Spaces) and transferring them to the events in Bethlehem. By twisting the lens a little to change the focus, these sketches tell how common people are affected by incredible events. Audiences will love these entertaining programs, and they’ll have fun watching the characters as they learn a valuable lesson. All four plays are specifically designed to be produced in churches, and can be easily staged by congregations of almost any size. There are roles suitable for a range of ages from kindergarten through adult, allowing you to involve the whole congregation in the production. “Ewe’s Clues” is intended primarily for younger children (although adults and older children will also enjoy it) and has a running time of approximately 30 minutes. “Cops: Bethlehem,” “CSI: Bethlehem,” and “Trading Spaces: Bethlehem” each have a running time of approximately 45 minutes, and are designed for older audiences (though children will get something out of them as well).


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