No Ordinary Woman: The Story of Dr. Stella Annie Burry

Author: Joseph C. Burton

Stella Anne Burry became a household name in Newfoundland through her work with the poor in St. John’s and throughout the province. Trained as a deaconess in the United Church of Canada, she began her life’s work in Toronto in 1924. In 1938 she moved to St. John’s where she spend 30 years developing programs and services to meet the needs of Newfound;and’s poor. Energetic and innovative, committed and cussed. Dr. Burry established a umber of organizations that became :life changers” for many people.

This book chronicles Dr. Burry’s great adventure in fulfilling a life-long dream to become a deaconess, and her significant contribution made to the church and the poor through her work. No Ordinary Woman gives the reader not only a profile of Dr. Burry, but that of the culture where she grew up. It tells how, despite the odds, she overcame adversity and helped others do the same.


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39 in stock