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Passion and Freedom: A Resource for Ministers and Leaders Supporting the Lives of Couples

By The United Church of Canada

“Passion is about being fully and abundantly alive, in all the pain and glory of human life. Freedom is the opportunity to move toward living more deeply and lovingly in the unique realities of our lives, our society, and our planet.”

Passion and Freedom provides faith-based resources for heterosexual and same-sex couples to address all stages of committed life partnership:

  • Beginnings – preparing to celebrate a marriage or covenant
  • Middles – living out, widening, and deepening a committed relationship
  • Endings – grieving the end of the relationship because of death or divorce

The unique story of a couple is their own personal sacred history. We offer this book to support and nurture the people who are living out this part of their spiritual journey and those who minister to them.


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