Piloting Church: Helping Your Congregation Take Flight

Author: Cameron Trimble

Using piloting as an engaging framework for organizational transformation, Trimble addresses the process of planning, executing, and completing a church revitalization project in 10 easy-to-read chapters:
– Decide You Want to Fly
– What Kind of Pilot Will You Be?
– The Fundamentals of Flight
– Your Flight Crew
– Charting Your Course
– Preflight Checklist
– Funding Your Flying Habit
– Managing Comms
– Mayday Moments
– Making a Successful Landing

Trimble is the executive director and CEO of the Center for Progressive Renewal (CPR) and has years of experience helping to start new congregations and revitalize older congregations. Piloting Church reflects her learnings as a congregational consultant and national faith leader. Having worked with twelve denominational partners and their congregations, she believes the Church’s best days are ahead.


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4 in stock